Identity Art Competition

I have Completed  my submission for the Identity competition.

CEA2FC18-5DCC-415D-BB2A-6AA1C17F9BD9The supporting blurb is as follows:

The three Haitian girls have Polish surnames and heritage. I have also learned that they are the descendants of Polish legionaries, who were sent to Haiti by Napoleon to suppress the uprising of slaves. When the Poles realised the extent of suffering by the locals, they switched sides to fight in support of the oppressed Haitians. Subsequently, some 4000 out of 5000 were slaughtered. The remaining 1000 of the Polish soldiers escaped to the islands and dispersed around the country. Until now, the Poles are celebrated as the greatest friends, supporters and freedom fighters in Haiti.


The Batsford Prize 2019

TI have completed my submission for the Batsword Prize 2019.


Supporting statements:

I have extensively travelled throughout Haiti. This was an extension to my exploration of the he world in order to investigate uncertainties, which are deeply embedded into anxieties associated with the human existence and being.
I have witnessed total poverty before, including areas of gang infested la Mosquitia in Honduras, the Barrios in El Salvador and many other countries in South America and Asia. However, Cite Soleil, just outside Port-au-Prince, was very different. It left me numb, speechless and overwhelmed. My reflections initiated a range of experimentations for my current research project.
There was something unreal about talking with people there while trying to to establish a form of connection with them.
All my thoughts and feelings in response to those dramatic and totally overpowering moments are echoed in the multi-layered process of painting and printing, which is, subsequently, brutally blasted with a powerful jet of water.
What survives this “torture” is unique, uncontrollable and fully uncertain.