Dubai Ideathon- Day 2

Inspirational experience in a difficult time!

Day 2 was also extended to most of day 3. My team – 11B got very passionate about crating a holistic and xcohesive platform. Our concept was to bring people together in a time of crisis, social distancing and isolation.

We produced a very comprehernsive proposal for a range of ideas and supporting online platforms. I was selected by the team to present our proposal to the forum of 174 observes via Zoom videoconference. Our proposal was very well received and the team and I are awaiting further news on a range of possible developments.

Relationship With My Own Work

As a part of preparation for presentations of research, I received an email form Alexis with a request. He was asking for a considered response to the following question:

What is the nature of your relationship with one of your art pieces?

This prompted a long process of reflection on the essence of my current practice.  I looked at my original artist statement and reviewed various versions of my project proposals.  My objective was to create a map of progress, while questioning what I was trying to achieve in my visual work.  It was a bizarre form of self-appraisal of own creative intentions with references to the use of formal elements and the overall visual language.   I have also tried to interrogate the nature of relationship with my paintings.  Subsequently, I have learned that my bond with my work depends on the impact of an emotional rapport with people, who I met during my travels.  It very much depends on my reflections on encounters with humans, who are trapped in vacuum of their overwhelming routines and repetitive environments.  These experiences resulted these people becoming the main characters in my paintings.


My reply was as follows:

Through my projects I feel that I discover my inner fears, longings and re-evaluate my uncertainties. My work seems to be an attempt to explore and question by metaphorical presentation my response to the hidden truths of the world. The essence of the value of these works is in their inherent meaning and an atmosphere, which manifests itself in the dusk of the space portrayed, thus the light may appear, where the hue of colour fulfils clarity and sounds with harmonious melody.

I paint people, who I have met during my travels. They are always of a special significance to me. Therefore, my work is an emotional appraisal of my encounters with them.


Alexis responded with a thought-provoking and intriguing statement:

“Thank you so much for your response and insight into your work. It is very interesting and I shall think on it. What you say opens out onto a world of ideas and questions.”

Current Map of Progress.

Today, we had the last Skype meeting before Christmas. We were introduced to the new brief, which is full of exciting challenges. I am very motivated and committed to producing a body of exploratory work and questioning my creative intentions with reference to their meaning, sophistication of my concepts and the overall use of the visual language in my projects. I really appreciate the life-changing impact of this course and am very eager to realise my full potential, while investigating new possibilities and discussing alternatives through risk taking and further experimentation.

In the light of both, my recent written feedback and the requirements of Unit 2, I have decided to seriously reconsider the direction of my research journey and create an updated map of progress. The diagrammatic format of this chart gives me a clear overviewed my current position.

I have also worked hard to design a solid structure to my presentation for the forthcoming symposium. Participation in this event is a requirement of the assessment. However, I would also like to maximise all benefits from this process and, in turn, enrich my visual practice through both, insightful feedback and the experience of preparing for and presenting work to an important, visually trained and sensitive audience. The entire process can be crucial in my continuous search for identifying meaningful quality improvements and building on the overall awareness of self perception, quality of thinking, critical analysis and art work.

Tutorial With Jonathan.

Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney

Thursday, 20th June 2019 at 9.30.  Skype call.

I have proposed a number of new ideas and possibilities for further investigation.  The main intention is to give my project a refreshed purpose and redefine my objectives. I feel that the current possibilities of using the water jet are partially repetitive and exhausted.

I have done a lot of thinking about the forthcoming trip to Burma.  I would like to use this opportunity to gather a new wealth of primary sources for further refinement and development for my project.  I am committed to the overall title: ‘Waiting.  the Uncertainties of Tomorrow.’

The key ideas are as follows:

  •  Photograph people ‘at work’ killing time and playing on their mobile phones, while waiting for the next customer.  Look for potential sources, interview and record street sellers, groups of masseurs outside parlours, beggars and touts in bus stations.
  • Research the time spent waiting for the ‘next’ customer.
  • Hanging about waiting for time to pass.
  • Waiting in anticipation versus disappointment and rejection.
  • Collect relevant fabrics and materials for future paintings.  This would increase their authenticity by adding the element of the primary truth to my work.
  • Replace the water jet with other forms of ‘washing’ images using for instance a washing machine.
  • Triangulate the data by interviewing people in a variety of contexts, the rich and the poor.

Jonathan asked me questions about the jetting process.  He was interested in the decision making process behind the blasting of paintings.  How and when do I know that this is sufficient, completed and finished?  This is a very instinctive and spontaneous response to watching my work being simply washed away.  It is born out of fear and pity to see my work disaster and simply dribble down the drain.

We followed by discussing the washing process.  Jonathan suggested that I should explore the metaphorical meaning of ‘washing’.  He added that use of a washing machine would also gives me less control over the entire process – stone washing, tie and dye, washing with chemicals or just with water, long versus short wash. Jonathan concluded that this should be a very natural process of gathering information for me.

I have completed a substantial draft of my research statement.  I have worked really hard in order to make good progress with this as most of my summer vacation will be consumed by the Myanmar field trip and associated visual research.  I expressed some anxieties about the fact that I am unsure if my work is at the required level.  Jonathan has kindly asked me to email him my current written work before next Tuesday.  I am very grateful to get this additional opportunity to receive feedback about my research statement to maximise possibilities for the successful completion of this assignment.

Following Jonathan’s suggestions, I plan to undertake a critical review of progress and blog entries at key stages of progress and development – reflection ‘in action’ and reflection ‘on action’.

Mind-mapping of ‘WASHING’ with highlighted key ideas.