Online Exhibition @ The Artist Lounge

My artwork is now exhibited at a brand new Interactive Online Exhibition! The show is titled ‘In the History’ and organised by the prestigious The Artist Lounge. 70 artworks were selected for the display and 20 finalists will be announced at the end of July.

In the History Online Interactive Exhibition

“In the History” Art Competition called for artists worldwide, from April to May 2021, to share their artworks inspired by history or by historic characters.

“Through history we can learn how past societies, systems and ideologies were built, how they changed, and how their influence moulded humanity to create what we are now. History is more than old tales and stories written down in books. History is part of everything, and our today will one day be history.”

The Artist Lounge is proud to announce the semi-finalists of our “In the History” Art Competition, now part of our Online Exhibition below. Our talented artists come from all around the world  and the collection of their artworks is a piece of art on itself. We welcome you all to this fantastic journey:​

My piece is on the right.

The exhibition can be viewed here:

There is also a promotional video, which was created to advertise all work on show.

It is already live in Instagram and Facebook of The Artist Lounge! You can see it here:

River of Dreams Exhibition

I have been invited by Contemporary Art Curator, a major international art magazine, to exhibit a selection of my paintings. The new show is titled a river of dreams.