Presentations of Early Ideas for My Research Paper.

I presented my proposal for both, the title and abstract during an online chat with Jonathan Kearney and a group of 12 fellow students on Tuesday, 4th June 2019. It appeard that all my feedback came from Jonathan and Alexis, while others reminded silent.

My proposition was relatively well commented on. I have also received a number of constructive suggestions regarding looking at alternative directions of research into relevant ideas and supporting philosophy.

The key points for consideration are below:

  • Alexis – search for certainty against the acceptance of imprecision.  How will you sustain objectivity throughout your enquiry?

I am analysing uncertainty through the prism of both artefacts and supporting this investigation with a theoretical framework – Heisenberg, Russell and others.

  • Jonathan – balance the emotional response to both artefacts with a more objective exploration

Through interweaving theoretical reviews and responses to both artefacts in the light of my research findings.

  • Alexis – life is suspended in the element of chance.

I am looking at theories, which include risk, chance and belief to support my analysis of research findings.

  • Jonathan – caution, be careful , when using words such ‘universal’ and ‘complete’

My idea was to indicate a direction of my ambitions by using the word ‘more’ universal and complete.

Perhaps, I will rephrase as:

develop a more holistic and broad understanding…

  • recommendation from Alexis was to look at other philosophers, such as Schrodinger.

I am looking at both perspectives: from the traffickers to those being trafficked.

  • Jonathan – usually, the pressure is to seek the most objective position, but art is about emotion.  Therefore try to engage with the emotional side of such works.

I plan to include elements of my interpretation of these works and their impact on me without changing the tract of thought in the paper.

All in all, the feedback received and suggestions for further research were very useful in terms of broadening my horizons in preparation for the composition of the first draft of the paper.



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