Research Statement Tutorial 1

Tutor: Gareth Polymeer

Thursday, 1st August 2019

UK time 11.30

Voice-call on Skype

I have presented an outline of my overall intentions for the research statement to Gareth. He was keen to find out what I was hoping to achieve and why. He also asked for the reasons behind the choice of my theoretical framework and its relationship to the dialogue between both art pieces analysed.

Following a very constructive feedback, Gareth suggested two possible avenues for further development of the existing body of writing:

1.  Art allows us to experience uncertainty and risk in a totally different capacity to the sciences and philosophy. It deals with an emotionally charged reflection rather than an empirical analysis of these phenomena. Therefore, art formulates new perspectives of embracing and understanding the world, which are far beyond the empirical and tactile experiences.

2. The nature of art encourages people to create responses, which frequently provoke and disturb, fostering the consideration of ethics. This is of significance for society and brings a deeper thinking beyond politics and religion. It is deeply rooted in our knowledge of mortality and uncertainty. Therefore, both pieces are significant in theses contexts and attract a great amount of debate about humanity and ethical considerations.

I plan to explore the above thoughts further in my research statement.

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