Average Art Publications

I was exceptionally lucky! My work was chosen for three consecutive months to be published in a national art magazine titled Average Art.

A piece dedicated to a Haitian Girl of Polish descent was featured in the June’s edition.

Title: Girl with Butterflies

A1, mixed media on board.

The second piece is named: Three Haitian Girls. It was printed in July’s series. It’s size is A1, mixed media on board.

The image, which was chosen for the publication in August is titled: Beautiful Stranger. I will update my blog as soon as I receive my copy of the magazine.

Average Art publishes predominantly online. They also produce a soft back catalogue. Unfortunately, the quality of printing is mixed.

The following abstract is from an email, which I received from the editors:

“After receiving hundreds of submissions for the June (July and August) edition of Average Art we are pleased to inform you that your submission has been chosen to be featured in the magazine. The magazine is ‘industry focused’ and will be sent to a number of different art organisations in the hope that the featured artists will gain some recognition for their work. With your artwork we will include your name and contact details. If we need any more information from you we will contact you by email. The magazine will be published on the 15th June and July 2019 and can be bought online here. Pre-orders are available! Remember, we have a call for entries every month and you are more than welcome to submit new work. (check website for details).”

Cover A

Girl with butterfliesThree Haitian Girls

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