Research Statement Tutorial 2

Tutor: Gareth Polymeer

Friday, 4th October 2019

UK time 11.30
Voice-call on Skype

The purpose of this tutorial was to review the overall paper and its development.  We have started by looking how I have embedded the previous suggestions into my statement.

Our discussion focussed on the idea that there is a distinct difference between the perception and understanding of the world using scientific theories and through the prism of art.  This was further extended by bringing additional elements into consideration, such as ethics, morality and the broader society.

We have started to discuss the pivotal and ground-breaking concept of anschaulich, which was developed by Heisenberg.

Gareth proposed an alternative avenue for investigation and elaborated on possibility of  very interesting questions:

‘What both, art and science, have to say about reality?’

‘How can artworks be reinterpreted in the light of anschaulich?’

Scientific instruments aim for establishing greater and greater precision and certainty, while part of the process of art is to open up new questions.

We have agreed that imprecision and uncertainty are much more exciting than a continuous scientific drive for achieving perfection.

I feel that Gareth during this 30 minutes tutorial has given me a number of potential possibilities for further refinement and consideration.  He reinforced that my research statement is developing steadily and making excellent progress in terms of answering my research question.

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