Average Art – November Edition

I was exceptionally successful in terms of having my work published in three consecutive months of June, July and August.

This has encouraged me to enter my work again.

The submitted painting questions the concept of waiting and entrapment in vacuum of life. It portrays a Burmese Captain. His monotonous and repetitive job is to operate a long boat ferry between Ranong in Thailand and Kawthaung in Mayanmar. He spends his days killing time, while chain smoking and occupying himself with his mobile phone. He is withdrawn, totally oblivious to the outstanding beauty of the area and people around him. To maximise space for the passengers, therefore increase profits, he hides himself under a colourful umbrella and crouches on the front of the deck. Continuous exposure to aggressive and scorching sun has resulted in the development of a massive tumour on his ankle. 

Confirmation email is below:

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