Dubai Ideathon – Day 1

The first day of this event was dedicated to getting to know the problem. I was allocated to team 11. It consisted of 6 people from Bahrain, Dubai, Ireland, The Phillipines, India and the UK. Their positions varied and included artists, senior managers, consultans and a student.

Our allocated problem for investigation was to look at the creative industries and identify key challenges in terms of reducing fixed costs of operation. Our task was to go beyond the obvious austerity measures and simply cutting down expenditure.

We used Zoom for videoconferencing and Slack for textual communication. Our team managed to work through a long list of challenges and activities in order to isolate a specific research question and refine it.

This is were our group split into teams A & B.

Team A focused on legislation.

Team B (my group) started to explore ideas for the creation of a creative community and a supporting network. The plan was to start with by preparing for a prestigious event to axchieve clout ans broader recognition. Suceess is addictive.

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