Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney

Skype video call on the 15th May 2020 at 11.30

It was great to be able to share my most recent ideas with Jonathan. We had a really good conversation lasting far more than the planned 30 minutes. Our discussion covered both, my preparation for the symposium and the proposal for the final exhibition.

I was encouraged by a very positive feedback received. We analysed the initial and sinister-looking part of my 5-minute video. The function of this section was to create an element of drama, unreality and uncertainty. The masked character resembles an outsider – alien-like creature, who comments on his observations of the Earth in the context of the pandemic. The recording of the washing cycle has metaphorical meaning and requires a deeper interpretation of the purpose of cleansing.

I described the long process of refinement of this piece and, I think, Jonathan was impressed by my efforts.

The second part of my tutorial was dedicated to reviewing the overall concept for the exhibition. I explained that my creative intention was to keep the focus firmly placed on the meaning of my work. I am trying to avoid any unnecessary additional details, distractions and decorations. All selected work, 14 paintings and 7 videos will be displayed on a plain white wall. Each image can be enlarged individually for clear viewing and supported by appropriate text. The idea is to add another dimension to every piece through contextualisation. I am planning to use recordings of a computer generated voice in order to ensure clarity and consistency in my approach.

Jonathan was very supportive of my work and we had a very stimulating conversation about the overall journey through research and learning during and after the course. This had led to a discussion about the stages of developing, refining and composing my final evaluation. I explained that I am now ready to include the impact of the current crisis on my thinking and reflection. My evaluation, review and progression plan is closed to the finalisation stage.

Tutorial ended at 12.38

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