Emirates News Agency – Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Art Dubai Group conclude Dubai Ideathon

DUBAI, 15th April, 2020 (WAM) — The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and Art Dubai Group have concluded the Dubai Ideathon.

The workshop sessions, held recently, brought together international experts from different fields, all working collectively to find solutions.

Beginning on the 22nd of March, the initiative began with online workshops where 70 members of Dubai’s cultural SME’s and freelancers came together to identify the primary challenges facing the local creative community, from which list of challenges was put together.

On the 31st of March,…
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Call for Digital Artist Residency

My submission is as follows:

Thank you for creating this exciting opportunity for artists during a time of global crisis.

Isolation format does not support the creative community. People with imagination and exciting ideas strive in the environment of collaboration and bouncing ideas of each other. They need to be bombarded with stimulus to allow them to formulate new and deeply reflective responses.

I have spent my life travelling to the most distant places (currently 99 countries).  My creative intention is to observe people, who are suspended in the vacuum of waiting. Perhaps, the best distraction from this process is to focus on entrapment in hypnotic repetition.  Interaction with people, interviewing them, drawing and photographing allow me to establish a unique sense of rapport and cohesion.  After all, we are traveling through space on a piece of rock through space. 

Recently, I have started to use a washing machine and the process of washing as a metaphor for cleansing and erasing.  A bizarre process of an OCD-like sterilisation and removing images from their existence on canvas.

Therefore, I propose to interview a selection of people from the streets in a one-mile radius of your physical gallery space at 87 Princes Avenue, Hull, HU5 3PQ.

Perhaps, with your help, I would identify a number of possible individuals and contact them via Skype.

Following online interviews and photography, I would create a number of paintings to evidence the hypnotic repetition of waiting for the end of lockdown.

Video recordings of the washing of these canvases would become ready for submission as digital projections.

Erasing memories of isolation.

Many thanks

Pav Szymanski

Current research issue – Waiting: Hypnotic Repetition

Through my projects I feel that I discover my inner fears, longings and re-evaluate my uncertainties. My work seems to be an attempt to explore and question by metaphorical presentation my response to the hidden truths of the world. The essence of the value of these works is in their inherent meaning and an atmosphere, which manifests itself in the dusk of the space portrayed, thus the light may appear, where the hue of colour fulfils clarity and sounds with harmonious melody.





Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and the Art Dubai Group conclude Dubai Ideathon | ZAWYA MENA Edition

I was astonished that my comment was used in a press release of this event. The organisers have selected my words to support the value and meaning of the entire undertaking. A link to the article is below.

Running from just April 7 – 8 2020, the Dubai Ideathon brought together a selection of international experts to develop potential solutions for the impact brought on by COVID-19 to the UAE's creative and cultural sector – ZAWYA MENA Edition
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Submission for Al-Tiba9 Platform for Artists

I have created a portfolio of recent work and submitted it for Al-Tiba9 Platform for Artists PERMANENT INTERVIEW.

Al-Tiba9 Interviews is a promotional platform for artists to articulate their vision, project ideas and engage them with a diverse readership through a published art dialogue.

Selected artists are interviewed by the founder & curator Mohamed Benhadj to highlight their artistic career and introduce them to the international contemporary art scene across a wide network of museums, galleries, art professionals, art dealers, collectors, and art lovers across the globe.

Confirmation of my submission is below.

Zealous Portfolio Challenge

I have spent the whole day preparing my submission to this fantastic opportunity created by Zealous. Their aim is to motivate artists to review their practice in the time of crisis.  As a reward, selected three winners will receive a portfolio review from industry professional, David Ferry, who is the President of the The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.

Additionally, unsuccessful entries will receive another chance to reflect on their work. Zealous offer to arrange a comprehensive system of Peer-to-Peer Reviews.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of organising my portfolio online using their platform. Currently, I am nervously awaiting to hear back from the organiosors.

My confirmation email is below:

Dubai Ideathon- Day 2

Inspirational experience in a difficult time!

Day 2 was also extended to most of day 3. My team – 11B got very passionate about crating a holistic and xcohesive platform. Our concept was to bring people together in a time of crisis, social distancing and isolation.

We produced a very comprehernsive proposal for a range of ideas and supporting online platforms. I was selected by the team to present our proposal to the forum of 174 observes via Zoom videoconference. Our proposal was very well received and the team and I are awaiting further news on a range of possible developments.


I have submitted the following proposal to the DUBAI IDEATHON 2020: COVID-19 CRISIS. Tee idea is to make a contribution by responding to one of six themes. My chosen topic was as follows:

How can the creative community self-organise? And what kind of public-private collaborations can we explore to help support the cultural industries?

From the creation of talent pools, expertise directories and databases to skill-based collectives and collaborative businesses.

Isolation format does not support the creative community. People with imagination and exciting ideas strive in the environment of collaboration and bouncing ideas of each other. They need to be bombarded with stimulus to allow them to formulate a response. Therefore, the key to success is in bringing people together through online plenaries and lectures; TED talks and exhibitions. Therefore, there is a need to design a platform, which can be roughly based on the concept of Microsoft Teams. However, the format and its key features must be directed at presentation and exchange of visual material, including sound, moving image and video.
Current online galleries try to emulate the physical experience of walking through a building with art in it. An imitation of a holistic effect of simultaneous physical movement, observation, analysis and reflection is totally impossible to be achieved. Kinaesthetic learning cannot take place in front of a screen. Sitting down and looking at pictures is simply boring. Visitors tend to look at the first few pieces before switching off and leaving. Through brainstorming and a dynamic dialogue, there is a potential to develop tools and layouts to avoid this, or at least minimise its negative impact.

One of the most powerful public/ private collaborations is light projection. There are many artists using enlarged displays of text to promote their ideas, such as Jenny Holzer. Video mapping for advertising and the promotion of current issues is in its infancy. These techniques could be used as powerful tools to advertise art, performance and also increase public awareness. I am confident that government bodies would also like to elevate the significance of their messages and public appeals through this medium.
I hope that my propositions go far beyond 3D printing of protection equipment for hospitals and switching the profile of the fashion industry to sewing face masks.


Dubai IDEATHON is a three-phased project:


Open call to receive proposals that respond to one (or many) of the listed challenges.


Six ideation sessions with the participants of the open call will be organised based on the common challenges, and facilitated by specialised design-thinking experts, concluding in well-defined proposals.


Proposed solutions will be put to industry experts to help devise implementation strategies.



8am: Dubai IDEATHON submissions open for receiving ideas


12am: Submissions close at midnight


10am – 2pm: Groups are assigned and participants are sent workshop links


10am – 4pm: First set of ideation sessions


10am – 4pm: Second set of ideation sessions


Collating ideas and proposals into a final list