Research Showcase at University Centre South Devon

I was invited, for the third time, to deliver a presentation about my research project. When designing a structure for my talk, I divided the supporting PowerPoint into two distinctive sections. The first part was devoted to my recent achievements, exhibitions and awards. The second, focused on my last pieces. I have decided to cover the most current period of the last 18 months only.

UCSD Research Showcase Pav Szymanski.pptx — Read on

A recording of my presentation is below:

Online Seminar

In preparation for my presentation, I have created a separate category on my blog titled Seminar. The entry is split into four individual parts as follows:

1. Symposium Part 1 – Contextualisation of Progress.

2. Symposium Part 2 – Isolating the Key Elements of Life.

3. Symposium Part 3 – Repetition and Ritual.

4. Symposium Part 4 – HYPNOTIC REPETITION & My Observations.

The idea was to introduce all participants to a logical journey of though. I started with an outline of the theoretical concept of “anschaulich”. Than, I moved on to contextualising and extending a framework of references. Subsequently, the presentation concluded with a form of an appraisal of several visual pieces, which I have created in consequence to my research observations and findings.

I was under a general impression that my ideas were well received and complemented on. I paced the delivery in order to ensure that there was a suffict time available to discuss all parts of the prepared material with the group.

Rushing through the seminar or missing out on the final section were not an option. Therefore, timing was of primary importance as well as directing the way, in which the debate was progressing.

I found the session very beneficial to refining my thought processes and reflections on how to make meaningful progress. It also confirmed my previous feedback and reinforced the importance of a recording a running narrative explaining the meaning of my work and its context. I am convinced that the use of sound will have a substantial impact on the broader understanding of both my project and my creative intentions.

I have now embraced this advice and taken it fully on board.

Screenshots of key commentary are below:

Presentation to the UAL

I was asked to deliver a presentation during a national training event for the UAL partner institutions.

The event is being held at Mary House conference centre in Tavistock Place, London.

My talk is concerned with sharing my experiences of delivering a brand new qualification. It will focus on the questioning of external examinations in art and design.

I am simply touched to be asked again to share my observations and expertise in this field with others.

After the event. I will post links to my presentation materials.