Time Needed To Buy A New Watch

Initial experimentation with footage.

Full film as a starting point for further development:

Each second of this film represents one day of income for 57% of the population of Haiti.

Therefore, the overall length of this piece is representational to the amount of days needed to buy a second-hand wrist watch.

“The perception of an arrow of time that we have in our everyday life therefore appears to be nothing more than an illusion of consciousness in this model of the universe, an emergent quality that we happen to experience due to our particular kind of existence at this particular point in the evolution of the universe.”

(Avelve, 2018)

Further considerations for quality improvements and refinements regarding visualisation of quantitative data:

  • dirty hand (manual labour) vs delicate hand (office work)
  • young hand vs aged skin – discrepancies in income of different age groups
  • juxtaposition of average cost vs time needed to buy good in the West and in Haiti
  • consideration of other luxury goods, such as cars, TV sets, mobile phones
  • inclusion of everyday items like food, hygiene products
  • life expectancy/ retirement age
  • family size
  • differences in earnings between genres
  • pay in the capital vs the provinces

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