Critical Analysis

I have designed the following Critical Analysis grid in order to place my investigation firmly in the broader contexts of the potential and turbulence in the 21st century.



I am questioning uncertainties of tomorrow in the context of our anxieties brought about by transience, mortality and the arrow of time.  Nothing stays the same. Everything changes inside and outside.  This is such a difficult concept to embrace and accept; agree with how our life is designed to be ephemeral and ever evolving; limited by the boundaries of birth and death.

I am linking my thought processes to the broader implications of cultural, religious, social, psychological, emotional and economical contexts.



My work seems to be a critique of the obvious and mandane; within our reach and predictable.  I am questioning my responses to extreme levels of poverty to trigger other thoughts, going far beyond survival.  I am trying to assess my ability to adapt to the unpredictable and unknowable “tomorrow”.  The project, at the moment, is open-ended and contradictory; negotiating possibilities between “I am certain” and “I am uncertain”.


I am currently producing a number of painterly compositions, which are superimposed with photographs and mixed media manipulations.  This is supported by some video pieces, which extend my thought processes while questioning the idea of time and possessions.

Creative Intentions:

My objective is to question myself and my responses to having witnessed extreme poverty and life survival.  I would also like to create a new understanding of “self” and my vulnerability.  My intention is to continue to produce work, which is ambiguous and reflects my fragility with respect to the arrow of time.


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