Continuously Asking for Help

I am constantly bombarded with messages for help.  This has led me to want to embed some of those into my painterly backgrounds to create a clash between the impact of colour in response to the beauty of Haiti and desperate plea for help in broken English sent via digital media.

The time taken for the message to become apparent contradicts the immediacy of the need and how instant the process of sending a message is.

It takes a long time to sink in.

The question remains the same: how do I respond? What is the impact of the message on me and my consciousness; it is definitely unsettling, disturbing and leaves a dilemma. I am unable to help them all. How do I help and select potential recipients.

This is how a sudden message can interfere and disturb the focus on painting.  The shift is noticeable and reflects the change in thinking processes.

Following the guilt and frustration with not being able to respond in a constructive way, the painting regains its importance.  However, this is a cyclic process; absolutely vivid and flashing at times – therefore, overwhelming all other feelings.

I finally feel that I am “getting” somewhere.   The painting, the message, the flashes, the vividness, the cyclic re: occurrence.

Ultimate refinement.


Development pieces:


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