Waiting For Something To Happen.

I have made further progress with proposals for the last two seconds: 7 & 8.

While layering image transfers and varnishing surfaces in-between with watered down PVA glue, I have developed the idea of continuously applying 60 layers of related imagery onto the surface while thoroughly documenting each stage.  Some intervals are going to be, perhaps, developed further through the use of video and blending.

I have also recently received a bizarre and laconic sound message. The idea is to use this recording as audio track to support those experimentations.

Photographing the work below was not easy.  I had to experiment with several lighting techniques, while documenting the work in progress in the photographic studio.

There are some contact sheets below, which visualise the entire process.

60 seconds equals 60 layers – only 1 minute of waiting. Waiting is used as a metaphor here. The person who is waiting and trapped in the sphere of dreams and hopes is very predictable and safe. Action and response are much more dangerous. They both require bravery and facing failure and disappointment. They require ideas and energy.

Waiting is the new state of being. Waiting for something to happen and change life for better. Waiting, which is passive and effortless, withdrawn; dreaming about change.

On the other hand, waiting can be associated with emotional destress and boredom. This, in turn, can lead to a life of  crime and deviation. When one waits for too long, greed becomes the only option and the ultimate desire.

7&8 27&8 1



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