Why Are You Coming Back So Soon…

I have just submitted the following video for a pop up exhibition.

This experimental video is of a series of recently created paintings. The inspiration comes from my experiences in Haiti. I gathered a wide range of primary sources and photographs evidencing my observations and responses to them. The essence of this work is to contradict the rhythm of the painterly process and disturb it with emotional drama inflicted by a long string of messages begging for help and financial assistance. The background narrative – a sexy female voice of a Haitian woman – totally contradicts the drama of the entire situation. She appears to be oblivious to poverty and human struggling. She makes references to her country and the pride of private people. Her vagueness is overwhelming.  The juxtapositioning of the image, the colour of WhatsApp messages and the commentary evokes a totally unreal opposition and clash. It simply etches the intrinsic drama, which is related to the experience of being there and seeing ‘things’.  This is so strange and surreal.

Subsequently, I have booked another trip to go back there at Christmas to revisit the places and refresh my contacts again.

Courful visuals, painterly landscapes, intriguing female voice contrasted with the seriousness of dramatic messages asking for help. I will continue to reflect on this video composition throughout both, the festive season and the forthcoming trip. I am so full of anxiety and fear.

I have also started to feel the impact of ‘reisefieber’ on my well being and my performance at work.

What does the future hold?

Nothing is certain and no one knows.

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