Reflections on the “Wow” Factor of Technology.

“… not to make the technology the ‘wow’ element, but you encourage us all to reflect on how we make our work and how we ask audiences to interact with it…”

(Kearney, J. 2019)

The digital revolution has redefined our understanding of art, frequently in bizarre and new ways. The use of contemporary advances in art is important as it reflects the flavour of the current time.  It also opens up a broad array of totally new possibilities and opportunities for contemporary visualisation of ideas and discussions of alternatives.  It allows to develop pieces, which are immersive and interactive.  Digital illusions are very powerful and can be overwhelming.  However, the medium itself is just a form of a new language of expression, a sophisticated set of tools.  These can, however, be very misleading and cover deeper inconsistencies in critical analysis of creative intentions, visual communication and the overall creative process.

The meaning of what I am trying to communicate is the backbone of my practice.  All supporting research and experimentation are a part of a long process of establishing the most appropriate and effective way of communication.

Key thoughts and questions:

  • Does the use of technological advances support the essence of the meaning of a piece of art and its interpretation?
  • Does it enable and encourage the element of interaction with the audience and their inclusion in the holistic creative process?
  • Is technology used as a “gimmick” to simply impress the viewers?
  • Lack of access to technology can be very powerful by directing focus on creativity out of necessity.
  • The use of technology can result in limited creativity.
  • Glamourisation of “cheap” ideas through the use of technology by making them look more important and expensive.
  • Technology should enhance the sophistication of the creative expression by broadening possibilities and engaging other senses in the visual communication process.
  • Technology in itself is just another tool not the outcome.

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