Punhane Means Secret. Anxieties of The Future.

I have manipulated the video to alter its format.  Most of the experimentation was undertaken with Adobe Premiere Pro CC2018 to achieve two main objectives:

  • make the video shorter (under 60 seconds) in order to be able to share it on Instagram.
  • the second, more important goal was to remove some of the unnecessary content, which has diluted and clouded the key message in the voice recording.

Additionally, I utilised a range of transitions and other editing effects in order to make the overall piece more holistic and cohesive.  The other quality improvement was to alter the tonation of the video footage. My creative intention was to make it much warmer and introduce a sensation of ageing.  This echoes the greatest fear of Punhane – she is terrified of getting old.

My final proposal has just been shared online and I am nervously awaiting commentary.

The painting itself will be revisited and developed further next week.  I am in the process of thinking the progress through, while trying to refine the idea and enhance painterly qualities of the piece. I have just developed a new screen with an image of a cross section of a pomegranate.  I took this image at a market in Baku. This is the official national symbol of Azerbaijan.  It was also Punhane’s favourite fruit.  I will be using the highly decorative and organised pattern of seeds while overprinting the piece with a range of layers, starting with vibrant crimsons and moving through the colour spectrum towards deep blues, while printing with Prussian Blue based colours.

I am moderating in Northern Ireland next week, but the plan is to take my work to the second stage of blasting it with a water jet.

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