Uncertainties of Pomegranate

I have spend most of the day experimenting with the established process of continuously over-printing and blasting the newly applied colour  layer away with a strong jet of water.

While documenting the work progress, I have started to alternate the use of video material and photography of relevant stages and refinements.

The screen developed for this image is based on pomegranate. This fruit is a national symbol of Azerbaijan.  It is also associated with wealth and prosperity.  Most Azeris regard pomegranate as a culturally and historically established object of desire.

i particularly like the ambiguity of the composition of pomegranate seeds. The screen is mysterious and non-descriptive. This lack of exactness and visual identity make it more uncertain and, perhaps even nervous,


My creative intentions were to make images, which are more ambiguous and undefined by avoiding using realistic colours.  I have experienced a lot of trouble trying to photograph these paintings. I had to bounce the light of a screen to avoids unnecessary reflections and other visual disturbances.  The idea was also to reject the use of Photoshop as a tool for enhancing images. I wanted to get photographs, which are untouched and unchanged – a la prima.

What is really important to me is the use of accidents, which are wholly unpredictable.  It is also about visualising anxiety and uncertainty of “things going wrong” and simply destroying my own work before giving it a chance to appear and develop.  I am fascinated by the layers of paint and ink, and the accidental tears breaking up on the surface.  Punhane has started to develop references to images of Madonna, or perhaps, coffin portraiture and paintings executed in encaustic..

The next stage will be to leave this piece to dry and than, prime its surface with diluted PVA in order to be able to restart the entire process again.

The stages of development are as follows:


Process videos:

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