Burmese Captain.

It has taken me a long time to sort out and organise a broad range of images for further development. Despite contracting Chickungunya, my research trip to Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia, has proven to be very successful in terms of both: life-changing experiences and gathering primary sources.

I have started working on a new piece. The work portrays a Burmese captain in charge of a long boat. His job is to transport people and cargo from Ranong in Thailand to Kawthoung at the furthest southern point of Myanmar. His main clientele are poor illegal workers from Burma trying to earn a few baht in Thailand.

Following a long conversation with him, I become one of his passengers. To maximise income, he accepts as many people as possible. He even travels on the very front of the boat to save valuable space. This place is very uncomfortable and rocky. He is also fully exposed there to the power of the tropical sun. He tries to get some relief from the burning heat by hiding under a colourful umbrella.

The image is very clashing in colour – very kitsch. This is further enhanced by his crude and cramped body position.

His ankle reveals a massive tumour.

There is a gigantic growth on his leg, perhaps caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and continued contact with polluted water in the port.

My creative intention was to portray him in his usual setting, while crossing the same water many times every day.

The focus is on him. The beautiful surroundings no longer matter. He cannot see the landscape. He is trapped in his daily routine.

The colour of his shirt blends in with the orange stripes of paint on the boat.

The umbrella is feminine and looks absolutely ridiculous.

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