Coach to Myiek – Developments

I spent the entire morning exploring possibilities for development.  The idea was to establish a meaningful plan and introduce a range of quality improvements to the colour arrangement and the overall scheme.

The image needed something warmer, perhaps contrasting, in order to introduce a source of soft light within the composition.  I wanted to achieve this through continuous printing on top of a semi wet surface of existing colour and sponging of the excess of patterns.

This seems to have an impact on how the colour behave with reference to my creative intentions.  The drive is totally suspended in vacuum and oblivious to his surroundings.  He is focused on a tedious task of sorting bits and bobs, which may be useful in case of an unexpected breakdown.

I feel that the composition, at this stage, has more impact through layering and the use of watered down transparencies.

The final stage will involve careful highlighting and building up detail using water soluble pastels.

driver 3

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