Coach to Myiek – Refinements

I have initiated a process of overprinting the already established under image. To reflect the overwhelming presence of insects in the South of Myanmar, I continued to work with the screen portraying a swarm of bees. The printing started with a number of layers in rich and vibrant blues. This imagery was subsequently washed off with sponges and a powerful water jet.  Due to the hight temperature in the workshop, I had to aid this with robbing off the ink with hard brushes.

The second layer involved a range of strokes using a dynamic crimson alizarin based colour. I used both the screen and just a squeegee to drag the ink across. A careful process of removing the glaze followed in preparation for the next stage of partial overprinting and glazing.

Following a completion of this stage, I plan to return to painting with small brushes and using water solvable crayons in order to refresh some important elements of the composition and introduce highlights to liven the entire colour scheme.

The refinement process continuous.

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