One Legged Pool Player.

I have developed a pattern consisting of petals and flowers.  This is to enhance the feel of celebration of both, the performance and the location.  The pattern has been dynamically printed on top of the under-image in order to create a sense of busyness and extend the redness of the light and space.

The next step will be to continue using the screen while extending the colour range and perhaps using some deep blues to echo the tone of the pool table lining.

The idea is to develop a strong focus of the One Legged Player, frozen in a stretched position, suspended in the vacuum of repetition.  Every shot is executed in an identical posed pose in a hope to attract attention and increase the stakes, hence maximise profits.

I am hesitant to come to conclusions that there is something repulsive about it.  The first impressions of wonder and curiosity are replaced with laughter and astonishment.

The performance continues regardless.


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