Making the Ephemeral Eternal

I have started to work on a new piece. It portrays a mature Thai lady, who is naturally talented at playing the pool. She is rich. Her body is dripping in golden jewellery and adornments. Her supporting team celebrate her successes and support her in every possible way.

When aiming at a ball, her body position is bizarrely stretched, resembling an ancient Mayan warrior Рimmaculately dressed in white, with a serious facial expression and flowers in her hair. This appears to be contradictory to the time-typical technique and makes it very difficult to calculate precise directions of the shot and predict the associated geometry of angles and forces.

This unusual ritual is repeated every night.. Many people depend on her performance and the related income.

I am working directly on a large scale unprimed canvas. The red colour scheme is gradually evolving to enhance my overall creative intention to portray a theatre and show of mastery of skill and class.

This is the first layer of colour and glaze, and the process of development will continue. I am currently working hard to develop images for a screen to be used for overprinting this under image.

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