New Inspirations.

Leandro Erlich is an internationally renowned artist from Argentina. I have just discovered two of his pieces called Laundry, 2018. They are both a part of a series of works titled

Washing Machines – The Fate of Function, 2018

The first one is an installation, which portrays six simoultanously spinning washin machines.

The second consists of four, gradually twisting, machine fronts. This makes a visual suggestion that a spinning movement of the drum affects the entire form of the machine.

Leandro Erlich, Laundry, 2018.

The other inspiration comes from a large-scale installation by Yngve Holen at Stuart Shave/ Modern Art.
This gallery won the 2015 Frieze Stand Prize.

Christie Chu comments on her work:

(Her) striking sculpture deconstructs and recombines industrial and domestic materials. The model airplanes, washing machines, thermal imaging and honeycomb cardboard sheets present a jarring landscape that both entices and repels viewers.

(From 15 Artists To Watch at Frieze London 2015, Christie Chu in

On reflection, this reassures me that my thoughts about recording the process of washing of my art and projecting the hypnotic repetition of spinning, has potential for further development.

Finally, I have found an interesting post on Tweeter. It introduces magic to the mundane process of laundering.

Perhaps washing my art in a commercial setting will achieve the same?

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