Assessment Feedback Tutorial

Skype – video call with Jonathan Kearney.

Wednesday, 4th December at 3 p.m.

Following recent assessments of Unit 1, I received very encouraging feedback from the assessing team. My work was complemented at this interim stage of the course. This, in turn, gave me a lot of intrinsic energy and motivated me further to continue to improve and develop my projects. I was really touched by a range of highly positive and helpful commentaries, which I received.

During our Skype conversation, Jonathan had reassured me and reinforced the potential of my continuing efforts. Subsequently, I was in a position to form a solid foundation for further improvements and refinements.

Jonathan was particularly interested in a layer based structure of my work. As previously discussed, a supporting spoken narrative could create another element by adding background information and explaining the context of the work to an audience.

This suggestion was very constructive.

Indeed, I need to detach myself from my primary knowledge, assumptions, bias and consider the opposite perspective.

Will a viewer have a full understanding of what I am trying to achieve and communicate; my creative intentions?

“How do you add a meaning to an image?”

Jonathan Kearney

This was definitively a superb question, which gave me a new avenue to explore further and extend on the impact of my work.

I really like the idea of an accompanying narrative voice, which creates another layer to my work.

However, Jonathan had also suggested something additional and, I see this suggestion, as an alternative to my current explorations.

“Make your work more explicit, yet simultaneously, do not loose its ambiguity”.

On reflection, I think that this comment had allowed me to make pivotal changes to my perception and thinking. The answer is to add a narrative layer to my work and do it in a measured, sensitive and balanced way in order to avoid visual description.

Initiating a dialogue, discussion and critical questioning are the only constructive ways forward.

My creative intentions are to initiate a debate and extend on the sophistication of my questioning. How does one deal with mundane rituals of hypnotic repetition?

We moved on to discussing a range of changes to the focus of my enquiry. The shift is from a focus on the process of waiting in the context of uncertainty to being suspended in hypnotic repetition. This can be perceived as a form of a coping mechanism. However, the starting and end points are the same. Therefore, there is absolutely no room for making progress and value added. Hypnotic repetition means returning to the same place – the location of departure, over and over again, perhaps, until the end.

We concluded this very helpful and constructive dialogue by focusing on my recently revisited ideas with using machine intervention.

My plan is to experiment with filming in a commercial laundrette. There is something special about observing a spinning motion of a washing machine!

Tutorial concluded at 15.36

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