Unexpected Change

I plan to progress to working with a new theme titled ‘Coffee Routine”.  This idea was generated during my recent research trip to Costa Adeje.  I am still in a phase of reflecting on this bizarre experiment.  In the meantime, I have decided to introduce a radical change to the Three Monks piece.


Through overprinting, I have created a cloud-like impression of a school of birds overwhelming the monks.  The next step will be to bring some detail into this colour layer by using delicate patches of blue.  Their main function will be to reinforce the structure of the birds and, therefore, make them more recognisable yet not illustrative of visually descriptive.

The canvas has also been stretched.  This created a natural boundary and boarder between the image and surrounding real world.  The sharp edge and 90 degree corners formalise the piece.

I am very exciting to start mapping the new composition onto unprimed canvas.  This will move me partially away from portraiture and possibly allow me to experiment with an alternative.  The focus is on a still life and the participating characters and the narrative are in the depth of filed.  They have a purely supporting role and function, while revealing and giving a glimpse of the underpinning story.

Coffee Routine

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