Multi-channel Sound Workshop

The workshop was delivered by Dave and Barnie.

Both have an extensive knowledge and experience of working with sound and use sophisticated equipment to fully explore a broad range of opportunities this medium offers.

Following an illustrated presentation of technical and theoretical ideas, we were split into groups of three. The aim was to develop a cohesive sound project covering approximately 2 minutes of time.

I worked with KK and Alexis. Following a debate, we settled down on a concept inspired by the work of Bruce Nauman.

The work process was split into five distinct stages:

1. Brainstorming ideas and refinement of supporting thinking.

2. Composing the text comprising of a list of contradictory words and meanings

3. Recording of four narrations.

4. Editing of sounds and problem solving.

5. Refinement and re-evaluation of project concept, and creative intentions. Critical analysis of our work.

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