Symposium – Text Preparation.

As a part of my work on evaluation, I have prepared the following text for my Symposium video piece:

Since making a decision to immerse myself in the master’s degree course, I have found a real depth of interest, a hunger for research and my creative responses.  My whole life has now become engaged in this exciting endeavour and phenomenon.  Helping me view the world from different perspectives and understanding the human condition with a new depth.

I feel that it is essential that I continue to make progress on this journey, while developing responses to people suspended in the vacuum of hypnotic repetition.  Currently, I am just scratching the surface of my investigation and I am fully aware that there is so much more to learn and analyse about the world and its inhabitants.  My work is an authentic connection with real people and tells their own unique story and predicament.  I am going to persevere and continue to unveil stories yet to be told.

The course has given my travels a strong focus.  I have gathered substantial primary sources and evidence from destinations across the globe. Perhaps, the most significant research findings were from Haiti and Myanmar and resulted in the production of the most spectacular paintings.  They have inspired me to develop new and innovative ways of working and experimenting with image making, which are appropriate to the subject.  They combine the best of traditional achievements and the power of contemporary thinking and deep reflection.

I am going to continue to develop my professional career as an artist.  My current research expedition to Myanmar is on hold due to the pandemic.  However, it will be resumed as soon as conditions allow.  Additionally, I have already prepared a 7-week trip to Madagascar to interview and paint a range of local people in the most remote South West region of the island.  The success and progress of my project does not depend solely on my ability to travel.  I have established contact with those people already and gathered information and visual resources.  I am in the process of preparing for a larger gallery exposure to communicate some truths, which are often overlooked and unknown by people in the West.

Having reflected on a number of options, I decided to use a speech recognition software. I wanted for the presentation to be quite mechanical, perhaps robotic and selected a non-accented version of a narrator. My voice is quite deep and croaky. This could result in a less clear declamation.

I have also used my iPhone to recorded the recitation. The plan is to embed this file into my new video piece using Premier.

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