Exhibition Design – Second Draft

I have continued to work with Aristotle in order to develop a more refined plan for the layout of my exhibition. Initially, my idea was to arrange all paintings and videos in a linear arrangement. I wanted to start with a series of work from Haiti, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The centre was dedicated to displaying a series of 7 videos. Finally, the work inspired by my research in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia were placed on the right.

I have spent a considerable amount of time reflecting in order to establish a sequence of images. My focus was on the cohesiveness of the process of visual communication, underlying narrative and messages, which are questioned by each artefact. Subsequently, I have managed to create a long wall design proposal with a degree of flow and echoing of ideas between the works. There was a sense of a dialogue and interaction between all parts of my research project. The holistic presentation would include a series of 20 pieces.

However, this concept proved to be problematic in technical terms. Therefore, a decision was made to explore possibilities of using a rectangular format. Paintings in the top and bottom rows and videos in the centre. This provides a more clear overview of the entire exhibition and allows to make an overall visual assessment.

The other development is to support every piece with a sound file containing an explanation of each piece. I will use a similar approach to the one, I experimented with in preparation for my Symposium. I will record a computer read text to make the speech clear and understandable.

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