Reflections on the Final Show

I have researched and tested a great number of possible platforms for the final show. Unfortunately, I have found them quite disappointing. The most common concept is to based on echoing a feeling of a physical gallery. Frequently, the software is very slow and clumsy in operation. Additionally, the overall effect is more focused on the look of the space rather than the work itself. Art becomes somehow secondary to the meaningless decorations and textures of walls, ceiling and the lighting.

The most popular online gallery is and is best for streaming 3D work.

Other options, which are worth investigating are:

Alternatively, I have considered using a website, which is similar in design to

I really like the simplicity, effectiveness and freshness of the front page. There is a grid of large block images, which is inviting and very clear. This website is able to accommodate a broad range of artefacts, including gifs files and video work. Photography on display is relatively high resolution and organised with order and structure.

Our group meets in Zoom on a regular bases to discuss possibilities for arranging the exhibition. All students are very proud and would like to present their research projects to the best of the abilities. Likely, Aristotle, who is one of our students, has offered to help everyone and donated both, his time and the use of his original software.

In preparation for my exhibition, I have carefully considered a range of ideas. My main intention is to make sure that the way, in which my work is displays reinforces its meaning. I would like to avoid using any unnecessary gimmicks and distractions.

In these unprecedented times, it is quite strange for a painter to accept that the final exhibition will not have a physical dimension. Frankly, I am saddened and overwhelmed by a lack of reality it terms of the experience of true colour, texture and painterly mastery of strokes. However, an artist and creative individual needs to seek opportunities in overcoming obstacles. Therefore, my intention is to excel myself and make the online exhibition even better, more refined and sophisticated. I would like for this to be a new learning curve full of controlled happy accidents, experimentation and deep reflection of what is appropriate in term of visual communication – my chosen language of expression.

The digital approach creates a new chance to experiment with a ‘space’, which supports and reinforces my messages in cohesion to deliver a holistic poetry about my painterly and video work.

Currently, I am planing for a long wall with three parallel and simultaneous video projections. This number can be possibly extended to four. I am in the process of working on a painting titled ‘Ravens and Crows Will Peck Us to Pieces’. It is quite likely that I will make sufficient progress to video another washing cycle. This image is different to portraiture. Therefore, I was relatively hesitant to include this image. However, on reflection, it summarises my overall responses to my research findings in a time of lockdown and social isolation. We are all subjected to mortality, vulnerable and fragile. The end of our journey is the only certainty in our lives. Death is the culmination of our waiting, while being suspended in the vacuum of hypnotic repetition.

The side walls of the gallery will be dedicated to the display of the actual paintings. I should be able to exhibit between 8 and 10 canvasses.

It is all very exciting!

Emirates News Agency – Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Art Dubai Group conclude Dubai Ideathon

DUBAI, 15th April, 2020 (WAM) — The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and Art Dubai Group have concluded the Dubai Ideathon.

The workshop sessions, held recently, brought together international experts from different fields, all working collectively to find solutions.

Beginning on the 22nd of March, the initiative began with online workshops where 70 members of Dubai’s cultural SME’s and freelancers came together to identify the primary challenges facing the local creative community, from which list of challenges was put together.

On the 31st of March,…
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Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and the Art Dubai Group conclude Dubai Ideathon | ZAWYA MENA Edition

I was astonished that my comment was used in a press release of this event. The organisers have selected my words to support the value and meaning of the entire undertaking. A link to the article is below.

Running from just April 7 – 8 2020, the Dubai Ideathon brought together a selection of international experts to develop potential solutions for the impact brought on by COVID-19 to the UAE's creative and cultural sector – ZAWYA MENA Edition
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Dubai Ideathon- Day 2

Inspirational experience in a difficult time!

Day 2 was also extended to most of day 3. My team – 11B got very passionate about crating a holistic and xcohesive platform. Our concept was to bring people together in a time of crisis, social distancing and isolation.

We produced a very comprehernsive proposal for a range of ideas and supporting online platforms. I was selected by the team to present our proposal to the forum of 174 observes via Zoom videoconference. Our proposal was very well received and the team and I are awaiting further news on a range of possible developments.

British Library

It was quite amazing to be privileged to see the entire archiving department at the British Library. I had a chance to see the hidden aspects of preserving valuable publications and manuscripts by a team of highly sophisticated individuals. It was clear that the work process of archiving tens of thousands of photographs was very repetitive and mundane. It requires a lot of focus and patience. The team are highly motivated and full of intrinsic energy and passion. Their mission was to create archive files to the best of their abilities – true art forms, as they said.

I was also extremely touched to have my cyanotype experimentation photographed and archived by the team. Thank you ever so much!

Victoria and Albert Museum

This was a fascinating journey through the history of computer generated printmaking. The talk was delivered by a senior curator Doug Dodds and his assistant MELANIE. Both have amazing knowledge regarding the collection at the V&A and far beyond.

The content of the presentation covered a detailed explanation of and discussion about key example of computer generated art going back to the early 60s.

The overall experience was highly informative and truly inspirational.

Andrew Gadd at Art Number 23

I have finally organised to collect Burmese Captain from an exhibition at the Old Biscuit Factory. I am so pleased to have recovered this piece.

At the same time, I got a chance to preview a new exhibition of large scale dramatic paintings by Andrew Gadd. He studied at Falmouth and the Royal Academy of Art. His paintings resemble a combination of war inspired pieces from the Renaissance and Russian romanticism in painting.

I include a selection of his work below:

East London Gallery Visits, Saturday, 22nd February 2020

The first gallery – Victoria Miro

The first exhibition contained a range a highly commercial and very large scale photographs printed on dibond. The detail portrayed was truly and surrounded by a dusk of space. The use of chiaroscuro was absolutely impressive and drew references to the masters of the Renaissance. The show was accompanied by a 20 minute film projected on dual screens. The narrative was set in the context of futuristic space travel and science fiction concepts.

The second gallery – Parasol Unit

This exhibition displayed a range of drawings, illustrations and animations. The underpinning themes range from a dream like macabre to dealing with post dramatic stress disorder and the Eastern practice of meditation.

The third gallery – Beers.

This is a joint show between three artists covering a range of fascinating paintings, which question the artist’s identity. There are also intriguing sculptures made from screwed cardboard portraying the human form in great detail and sensitive etchings on paper.

The fourth gallery – Art Book Shop.

This little book shop sells a range of artists’ and limited edition books. It is very small but stylish and well stocked with original and value items.


The fifth gallery – Kate MacGarry

A solo exhibition by Rose Finn-Kelcey portraying her key pieces from the 70’s and 80’s.

Her works comment on different forms of social activism and staged performances.

The sixth gallery – Chisenhale


The gallery promotes cutting edge artists from the UK and international. They work very close with artists and offer four commissions per year.

Current exhibition is a 23 minutes film by Imran, a London and Bangladeshi artist. The piece is split into three chapters was shot quite close to the gallery and is supported with a personal narrative.

This a second projection, which I saw today. Both have used a dual screen approach. The idea is that both are projections are separate yet they work together and make a contribution to the holistic image. This allows for the use of mirroring and opens up totally new possibilities in terms of juxtapositioning of exciting angles and viewpoints, frequently contradicting the screens and switching one off.


The seventh and last gallery – AreByte exhibition was based on four, large-scale projections.

Each one was a recording from a different type of art auction. The first was based on prisoners bidding for their time, the second was filmed in a market for the poor, their fire one was recorded during an auction for the wealthy and the last for the upper classes. All projections were triggered by inserting a pound coin into a slot, which was than converted into a cryptocurrency.

The exhibition commented through contrast and compare activity, on uneven money and wealth distribution in the contemporary society.

The filming was focused on the backhand shoes of people in each group category.

Overall, an excellent and thought provoking visualisation of divisions in a capitalist and market driven world.


Biotechnology and The Post Human

A fascinating and thought provoking evening of presentations by renowned international artists. There is an awful food for reflection and digestion. I feel truly challenged and stimulated to embrace a range of powerful concepts, which were presented during this evening at Goldsmith’s.

Art 23, African Art Exhibition.

The private view was very well organised and attended. I have made several exciting contacts with artists from all over the world. Some work on display was truly magical and gave an individual insight into the colours and flavours of Africa and its people.