FUTURE IS TODAY | Exhibition Al-Tiba9 Global 2020


I was invited by Al-Tiba9 to the opening of its online contemporary exhibition that takes
part in a Special EDITION – Al-Tiba9 Global 2020. It featuring artists from around the
world in a series of online shows to reflect contemporary perspectives and inspirations
that impact on our future.

This particular 8th Edition aims to give the artist a curated show and extensive
international exposure that helps them to deal with the online technologies and
confront their works and creativity in a virtual environment.  

Opening exhibition 20.06.2020 at 6:00pm GMT+2  

Featured Artists are:
Alexandra Freitas (Portugal) – Joram Blomkwist (Netherlands) – Braun & Braunschweig
(Germany) – Conceiçao Abreu (Portugal) – Gianni Lucchesi (Italy) – Hong Taeyang
(South Korea) – Jieyuan Huang (China) – Joe Karlovec (USA) – Kaoru Shibuta (Japan) –
Naoki Okada (Japan) – Povilas Daknys (Lithuania) – Raki Nikahetiya (Sri Lanka) –
Ray Ewing (USA) – Ronald Gonzalez (USA) – Sarah Tompkins (Canada) – Wong Tin Wai
(China) – Val Wecerka (Bulgaria) – Vasya Dmytryk (Ukraine) – Yvonne Lin (China)

The exhibition was opened by Anna Shvets, who is an art manager, an expert on trends in
the world of art and CEO at TAtchers’ ART Management. She believes that art can be a
unique language that unites countries and continents, culture and science.
She is an internationally recognised arts manager.

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