Love My Body @madsmilano February 2021

I have been invited by Lisa Galletti, the curator, to take part in a new exhibition at the renowned @madsmilano gallery. The Private View is Friday, 19th February 2021

M.A.D.S. Art Mediator, Advisor, Dealer, Seeker. M.A.D.S. is a contemporary art gallery, located in one of the main Milan district, the Navigli area, set up with screens, aimed to create a continuous multimedia exhibition with the use of new video system projection technologies. An evolution for the art market, a new trend. M.A.D.S. is constantly a point of reference and a matter of interest for museums, galleries, institutions, associations, foundations, curators, critics, as one of its primary objectives is to highlight the artist, his talent, his portfolio, making it accessible to an increasingly international audience. There are now hundreds of artists from all over the world, who find in M.A.D.S. the answer to their needs of exhibition, curatorial, of marketing and sales.


Social media publicity published by the gallery

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