Blasting of Paintings 3

I have become very intrigued by the process of overprinting a painterly background.  Screen printing technique allows me to manipulate the matrix in order to control both the creation of a new composition and the meaning achieved.  This is done through repetition and the choice of colours in relation to the background as well as the other prints in the existing superimposure.

This effect if subsequently manipulated further through water jet washing and blasting of the wet overprints.  This process gives me much less control.  It is quite violent and spontaneous. The ink splashes all over the spray booth.  Additionally, a range of further effects are achieved through dripping of water and the position of the actual painting during the drying stage.

My creative intention is to continue with this process until I reach the anticipated level of complexity and interaction between individual layers.

As stated in my project proposal, my aim is to discuss the dynamics of a period of 60 seconds of waiting for something to change and happen.  Perhaps, I will try to repeat this process 60 times. The supposedly pointless process of over printing and blasting away with a water jet.  I feel like I am making progress in terms of establishing a framework for the creative process and also with my methodology.

Sixty interventions and “changes” to the image, which are erased as if nothing has ever happened. The memory of the surface implies something different.  Sensitivity of marks and subtlety of this process is something I would like to explore further.


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