Begging Children

The main concept, which I am attempting to explore and communicate is the idea of hope.  A glimpse of excitement, which has the possibility of changing everything.  It is not really important, if it results in an improvement or a decline.  The change itself  is of value here, as the presence and the past have been fully rejected.

My focus is entirely placed on the depth of colour of a painterly expression and the dreamy qualities of the layers, their transparency and, almost hypnotising,  vibrancy.  Images of the children are purposefully hardly visible, hidden and camouflaged in the complexity of the composition.  They partially resemble reflections and are intended to appear ghostly.  What is also important is the breaking up and crumbling of the surface.  No-one is really certain what is out there – perhaps simply nothing.

There are reflections and sparks of light, full of secrecy and mystery, almost mystical in character. There is a wide range of bustling questions in my mind.  During the panting process my eyes have begun nervously moving around the composition without acknowledging any breathing spaces to stop and rest while trying to understand the value and meaningful the composition. The memories from Haiti have suddenly become much more vivid, intense and clear.  My heart filled with uncertainty,  nervousness and fear.

What is afoot? What will happen?  Is change imminent?

The character in my work are not here nor there…they are again suspended in the vacuum of waiting with uncertainty of tomorrow…


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