Girls in Red

Following my reflection on the most recent tutorial with Jonathan, I have drawn a plan of making progress through an introduction of a variety of quality improvements.  The essence of my work is in its meaning and the visual communication of my creative intentions.

Everyone is waiting for something!!!

I have initiated the process of experimentation with image transfer and painting.  The intentional breaking of the overlay creates a sensitive and gentle quality through making the work feel and look more painterly.  The top layers form a very fascinating “painterly matter” and open new opportunities for further work.  I will update this post with additional developments as I progress with screen printing and blasting of images.

The other idea is to start to differentiate on the size and format of the work and explore possibilities for combining smaller images to increase the volume of the overall composition.

My main focus here was to create a sense of being “suspended in vacuum” while waiting for change. This develops a form of tension and drama.  The colour is dynamic and full of expressive turbulence. The faces of the girls are somehow twisted and deformed.  The logo element of underlay and the text, add a sense of unreality by making the composition ambiguous and opened to interpretation. The flowers, symbolic of celebration, can be used as a reward for acting as a change agent, giving hope and enabling positive prospects in life.


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