Low Res Tutorial Presentations

Tutor: Andrew Fairley

10.00 – 13.00 in the main studio.

Individual presentations in a group of 4 students and tutor.

I presented a prepared earlier mid-year review video.  This was supported by a background commentary to enhance the overall level of understanding of my creative intentions.  The piece is designed to start with a black screen to communicate ideas of waiting and anticipation with a note of controversy.  This is followed by a recording of a group of art students waiting in their studio environment for an inspiration.  They are all saturated in boredom and appear to be almost hypnotised by this stagnant state.

The next part of the presentation included a stop frame animation of a survey of my students depicting their most precious dreams, aspirations and desires.

The final part of the video was made of a collage of still and moving images of my recent work and experiments, which I have developed so far.

The response from group was generally positive and supportive.  I was asked a number of exploratory questions about the context of my research journey and experimentation.  We have had an in-depth discussion trying to analyse the concept of my project and discuss a number of possible alternative directions.

My key reflections are as follows:

  • waiting is counterproductive
  • waiting can mean wishing your life away
  • personal perceptions of time differ and depend on circumstances
  • waiting frequently occurs because of external pressures
  • my work is developed simultaneously.  Individual pieces are metaphorically and physically waiting for the next stage of the creative process.  This is recorded by a photo below:


  • I discussed my reflections on Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”.  It was also recommended for me to read his other novel titled “End Game”.

My rough notes taken during the tutorial are below:


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