Low Res Visits – Tower Hamlets & Camden. Day 3

It was an extremely busy day spent exploring a range of hard to find galleries.  The exhibition spaces were mainly dedicated to digital, Hi-Tec, interactive art and media projections.

The first experience was an introduction to an art community and their developing ceramic studio located at Rochester Square 1.  This is an ongoing project of transformation of a derelict garden centre into a space for celebrating art as well as a physical ceramic workshop, which is opened to the public.

The next visit was a viewing of digital prints by Aaron Sheer at the Annka Kultys Gallery.  He manipulates compositions of onscreen software windows to create bizzare overlays of individual virtual collages.  These are either printed as screens or developed further towards large scale digital painitngs.

I was particularly impressed by an exhibition in a brand new arebyte Gallery located relatively close to the London City airport.  The exhibition was titled Re – Figure – Ground.  The work on display was a visual appraisal of issues affecting our lives and existence in the context of the contemporary world, ranging from obesity and loneliness to self image and human interaction.  I had a lot of fun exploring a new to me type of VR experience within the context of fine art communication.

A collage of photo-observations from the day.

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