Punhane Means Secret

I have started with the painterly process, while preparing an under painting for a new piece. The inspiration has come from my experiences in Azerbaijan, especially in the capital Called Baku.

The image below is of a young Azeri girl, who was my guide around the “Land of Fire”.  We have spent a fair amount of time together, while exploring the local culture and became friends.

On the last day of my visit, I managed to interview Punhane.  She gradually opened up and revealed her secrets to me.  She was very nervous and hesitant.  I recorded her short monologue, which appraises her uncertainties and anxieties.

I questioned the concept of happiness. This somehow upset her.  She abruptly responded – “I have already told you – at the end”.

Ultimately, the recording will accompany and support the digitised version of a more refined version of this work.

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