Burmese Captain. Painterly Process – Part 3.

I have continued with the process of overprinting the underage.  The screen composition contains a sworn of exotic flies, which surrounded the boat during a long period of waiting in the port.  Following a process of robbing and washing, the captain has started to appear in the window of dynamic insects.  These create an almost decorative motif framing the figure and the umbrella.  The heat of the red is juxtaposed with the coldness the vibrant blues and rich violets.  The violet tonation appears to be neutral in temperature, not hot nor cold, therefore making the overall piece much more ‘full colour’ and with a greater impact on the viewer. The narrative has also become more ambiguous and the image gained a new element, which helps to build curiosity.

When fully dry, I plan to the cloth with damar varnish before proceeding to machine wash it on the hottest setting.

I am hoping for at least a partial disintegration of the image and substantial bleaching of the colour layers.  Ideally, there will be nothing left – just an eroded and exhausted surface.  If the first wash is insufficient in achieving this effect, I will persevere with repeating this process while echoing the journey made by the Burmese Captain and his longboat between Ranong and Kawthoung.


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