Hypnotic Repetition.

The Captain appears to be oblivious to both his social predicament and his surroundings.  This is what he does every day. The same journey, non-communication with his passengers and trapped in his own world.  He not not necessarily looking for escape.  He embraces the banal repetition of his job, routine and existence.

This reflection has given me new ideas.  The focus of my investigation has slightly evolved from superficial repetition on one hand and uncertainty of existence at all on the other.  He appears to cling to that routine as it gives him a sense of certainty and security.  He believes that he knows what to expect yet works in a relatively unpredictable environment while operating an old longboat in a very uncertain territory . His real existence is very fragile and temporary. He cannot even imagine that one day, he will not be able to do it again and may not survive without an income.

I have also started to experiment by drawing into the existing image with water soluble pastels.  I have found this new to me medium flexible, refreshing and expressive.


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