Dripping in Gold.

The new idea with gold overprinting seems to have worked very well.  It created a sensation of opulence, celebration and, simultaneously,  increased the overall curiosity in the piece.

The lower image is the initial stage and the top photograph portrays a more resolved version with details in Prussian Blue.

I feel ready to enter the final stage of the development process and initiate a range of quality improvements through drawing on top of the surface, with water soluble pastels.  This should allow me to concentrate on detail and make it more intricate and sensitive.

I will be also able to rebuild and refresh some of the parts, which got lost in the semi-accidental turbulence of printing, washing and glazing.

My creative intentions:

To explore possibilities for visualising the concept of hypnotic repetition, which is a form of a survival mechanism for everyday life.

Visual language:

Through painting, printmaking, experimentation and risk taking, I would like to develop a range of images addressing the idea of suspension in the vacuum of repetition. My focus is on entrapment in mundane routines, which are necessary in order to exist. My work is a vibrant and polychromatic attempt, to discuss the underlying narrative of lives of people, who I have developed a rapport with during my research expeditions.

The project is intended to be a deep, highly subjective and personal reflection on the essence and meaning of our repetitive journey through the ‘ocean’ of time, which is given to us – adventurous and bizarre travel between the boundaries of birth and death.

The strongest aspects of my current work are definitely:

  • polychromous and dynamic colour scheme
  • the underlying narrative and originality of the lead character
  • ambiguity and vibrancy of the composition
  • surface quality and textural considerations

My subsequent working focus will be on:

  • refreshing detail
  • clarification and rebuilding of “whites” in the composition
  •  addressing some issues with contrast and organisation of colour stains on the surface.

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