Getting the Gold.

The image below contains a range of initial overprints in gold.


The One Legged Player is totally on the task.  Her appearance looks frivolous and theatrical to distract from her determination and the fact that she cannot afford to miss any shots.  Her outwards image portrays glamour and fame, but the reality is diametrically different.  The new broken layers in deep and cerulean blue, echo the colour of the lining on the pool table.  These have also enhanced the overall colour scheme and its polychromatic character.

The way, in which, I overprinted the under image indicates the complexity of the situation and implies that a greater narrative is hidden under the camouflaging layers.

On reflection, I need to, through glazing, washing and blending, reduce the severity of the cloud like division between the central image and the surrounding overprints.

I also feel that the piece requires a more opulent use of gold to reinforce her true motives. Gold is of symbolic value here as it drives her energy and inspiration to win.




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