Updated – Three Burmese Monks.

A more refined version of this large-scale piece is below.  It includes a range of overprints in gold.  This colour is of specific significance to Myanmar and their Buddhist tradition and religious beliefs.

I have also experimented with adding further colours in order to reduce the effect of chiaroscuro and, simultaneously, increase the dramatic effect in the sky area.  This has resulted in the monks being surrounded by action and dynamism in the peripheral parts of the composition.

This arrangement seems to have worked well and introduced a sense of balance and hierarchy to the piece.  The focus is firmly placed on the three characters.

Monks in Gold

The image below portrays an intermediate stage of the overprinting process.  The work havily relies on contrast and chiaroscuro, bringing all attentiuon to the centre part of the piece.  The monks appear to be positioned behind, in a peaceful and fully lit place.  My intention was to bring them back to the surface and engage them in interaction with the birds.

Monks in Umber

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