Wheel of Fortune Seller

I spent a considerable amount of time following and observing a street seller. This remarkable man works extremely long and hard for little reward. He pushes a massive, rusty and clanky trolley. The main product he tries to sell is chunks of octopus submerged in shots of rum. The weather is hot and humid, well in the mid 30s. He walks up and down the famous 19th street in Chinatown in Yangon. To attract potential customers, he offers a chance of winning a lucky shot by spinning a wheel of fortune. His days are monotonous and exhausting.

Despite many efforts, he sold nothing during a long afternoon. Sheer desperation appeared on his face, especially in his eyes.

I asked him for a permission to take a photograph to use it as a source for my project.

The reward of 10 USD put a wonderful smile on his face and exposed his rotten teeth.

We exchanged greetings and, suddenly, became strangely close, like old good friends. We are all on this planet together and the destination is death.


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