Thai Masseur – Recent Progress

I have made some progress with my recent piece.  The key focus was to start gradually building up a range of colour layers with sensitivity.  I tried to avoid loosing a diversity of previously created marks and accidental stains.  However, due to the fact that my spin paintings were executed using diluted gloss paints, the saturation of the background composition was very low.  I did not have enough paint to achieve a deeper and richer colour compositions on the circular patches.  Subsequently, I have created a distinct rectangular window within my canvas. This is an obvious problem and I am faced with a disjointed and incohesive piece.

In order to solve this, I have identified a dynamic part of the background composition and isolated a section from the bottom, right hand corner.  The idea was to open this image in Photoshop and manipulate it sufficiently to develop a strong and contrasting idea for a new silk screen.  This pattern like ‘splash’ will be used  for partial overprinting of the background painting , hopefully achieving a greater sense of a holistic flow.  I will also try to pick up vibrant crimsons and Prussian blues to increase the overall energy of the piece and, therefore, its impact.

Additionally, I will need to work much more carefully and precisely on the painting itself to bring out more detail to the hands of the masseur and the feet of the model. They too flat and appear to have lost some of their form.

The Thai masseur would also benefit from a more pictorial description of her face.  However, this will happen at a later stage.

I am considering glazing the piece with a diluted solution of a medium and allowing it to dry before returning to the printing process next week. I also need more time to develop my ideas for the screen further.

Black and white proposal for a transfer onto screen.


Dynamic section isolated from the background.


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