Thai Masseur

In result of reviewing sign paintings by Hirst, I have experimented with a range of simple spin paintings.  I attached circles of unprimed canvas to an electric wheel in ceramics. I immersed myself in a child-like play pouring diluted gloss paints onto the spinning surface, regulating the speed with a foot pedal.

The next stage was concerned with arranging a suitable composition using a variety circular spin paintings.  I thought that the circular motion resembled a rotating image in a bull-eye window of a washing machine.  When I achieved an appropriate layout, I pasted the entire thing together using a solution of diluted PVA glue.

The underage was dramatic, dynamic and vibrant.  Simultaneously, it contained a diverse range of colours, textures and expressive smudges.  This created a perfect environment for the painting stage.  I focused an an ambiguous portrayal of a foot masseur from Pattaya, entrapped in a repetitive routine and bored with the activity.

There is a number of holes in the painted surface, through which, the background is visible.  I felt that this blending and effect of superimposure, enhanced an overwhelming character and feel of the composition.

The next stage of work will include bringing the image out by very gradual process of building colour on top of the surface with water soluble pastels.  Hopefully, the impasto will become sufficiently thick to increase a sensation of weight in this piece.

Although, I would like to achieve a sense of openness to interpretation, I would like create more focus on the hands and their smoothing function and symbolic meaning of, which is associated with a touch.

I am really excited to have started to explore a new possibility while extending on my current development of both: conceptual thinking and technical methodology.

Additionally, this painting is on a very large scale stretched canvas, perhaps the biggest piece I have approached since starting this project.


115 X 184 cm




IMG_6717 2

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