Tutorial with Lois Rowe – Day 2

Hypnotic Repetition

Art project questioning reoccurrence and ritual as a distraction to the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Tutorial with Lois Rowe, Matt and Betty

Learning Centre – 10-12.30

I presented my work as the third person, after Matt and Betty.

Following a brief outline of my ideas, we started to discuss the essence of my conceptual framework and supporting thinking.

It become apparent that all recipients were fascinated by my stories and observations from my travels. The outcome of this tutorial has reinforced previous suggestions by Jonathan to include a background narrative, which gives an insight into my relationship with my models and their story.

Lois was extremely helpful and guided me carefully until I was in a position to refine my plans for the final exhibition. The vital questions remain unchanged:

What is my work all about?

What am I trying to communicate?

What is the element of questioning in my work?

How am I using the visual language in order to communicate complex ideas?

Finally, including self in the research process.

I am very grateful for that. I need to focus more on the holistic use of my language in the final exhibition.

The tutorial was recorded by Betty and I am waiting for a copy of this file.

Thanks to Betty, I have pasted a link to sound recordings of all three tutorials. My session is last.

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