East London Gallery Visits, Saturday, 22nd February 2020

The first gallery – Victoria Miro

The first exhibition contained a range a highly commercial and very large scale photographs printed on dibond. The detail portrayed was truly and surrounded by a dusk of space. The use of chiaroscuro was absolutely impressive and drew references to the masters of the Renaissance. The show was accompanied by a 20 minute film projected on dual screens. The narrative was set in the context of futuristic space travel and science fiction concepts.

The second gallery – Parasol Unit

This exhibition displayed a range of drawings, illustrations and animations. The underpinning themes range from a dream like macabre to dealing with post dramatic stress disorder and the Eastern practice of meditation.

The third gallery – Beers.

This is a joint show between three artists covering a range of fascinating paintings, which question the artist’s identity. There are also intriguing sculptures made from screwed cardboard portraying the human form in great detail and sensitive etchings on paper.

The fourth gallery – Art Book Shop.

This little book shop sells a range of artists’ and limited edition books. It is very small but stylish and well stocked with original and value items.


The fifth gallery – Kate MacGarry

A solo exhibition by Rose Finn-Kelcey portraying her key pieces from the 70’s and 80’s.

Her works comment on different forms of social activism and staged performances.

The sixth gallery – Chisenhale


The gallery promotes cutting edge artists from the UK and international. They work very close with artists and offer four commissions per year.

Current exhibition is a 23 minutes film by Imran, a London and Bangladeshi artist. The piece is split into three chapters was shot quite close to the gallery and is supported with a personal narrative.

This a second projection, which I saw today. Both have used a dual screen approach. The idea is that both are projections are separate yet they work together and make a contribution to the holistic image. This allows for the use of mirroring and opens up totally new possibilities in terms of juxtapositioning of exciting angles and viewpoints, frequently contradicting the screens and switching one off.


The seventh and last gallery – AreByte exhibition was based on four, large-scale projections.

Each one was a recording from a different type of art auction. The first was based on prisoners bidding for their time, the second was filmed in a market for the poor, their fire one was recorded during an auction for the wealthy and the last for the upper classes. All projections were triggered by inserting a pound coin into a slot, which was than converted into a cryptocurrency.

The exhibition commented through contrast and compare activity, on uneven money and wealth distribution in the contemporary society.

The filming was focused on the backhand shoes of people in each group category.

Overall, an excellent and thought provoking visualisation of divisions in a capitalist and market driven world.


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